Class B UPS

Features And More ...

About Hyundai Class B UPS


  • High efficiency
  • RFI / EMI filtering
  • Vocal alarm (optional)
  • GSM modem (optional)
  • Pure sine wave output
  • IEC 62040-3 compliant
  • Remote LCD panels (optional)
  • Power generator compatible
  • User friendly informative LCD
  • Heavy duty & high MTBF design
  • Input high impedance protection
  • Fully digitized microprocessor controlled
  • Hot swappable battery, replaceable by user
  • UPS powers and transformers overheat protection
  • LAN support and remote managed via SNMP (optional)
  • Mains connection to UPS output (inverter) protection
  • Two phase (400 V) connection to UPS input protection
  • Eight programmable NO-NC free contact relays (optional)
  • Battery over / under voltage and reverse polarity protection
  • Protection against positive feedback (input to output connection)
  • Adjustable charge current, input voltage & frequency by software
  • SCM (Spot Charging Management) and Advanced Battery Management


  • Critical servers
  • Small networks
  • Home appliances
  • Security equipment
  • Telecom applications
  • Critical IT applications
  • Small motorized systems
  • Process automation and control equipment

Inverter / charger short circuit protection
This is by far one of the most equipped and resistant UPS of its kind in the world. It can be connected to almost any type of single phase load with minimum 17 years MTBF. Most customers connect this UPS at the output of their electricity meter and when they have refrigerators and evaporative coolers, rather than normal loads, in the circuit.
There are almost no inadequate loads for this UPS. The 48 V battery bus, not only observes the SELV standard but also increases releability with a higher level of safe operating area.
The internal power parts of the B series with more than 2 KVA are designed as parallel redundant, so that in case of internal power problems, the output power reduces 1 or 2 KVA, instead of causing damages to the entire unit.