Total Solution

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About Hyundai Total Solution


  • RFI / EMI filtering
  • Free contact relay
  • Pure sine wave output
  • IEC 62040-3 compliant
  • GSM modem (optional)
  • Power generator compatible
  • Input power factor correction
  • Remote LCD panels (optional)
  • Heavy-duty and High MTBF design
  • Fully digitized microprocessor controlled
  • Hot-swappable battery, replaceable by user
  • Inverter and rectifier short circuit protection
  • Inverter powers and transformer overheat protection
  • Mains connection to UPS output (inverter) protection
  • Rectifier powers and transformer overheat protection
  • Two-phase (400 V) connection to UPS input protection
  • LAN support and remote managed via SNMP (optional)
  • Battery over / under voltage and reverse polarity protection
  • User friendly, informative LCD on front panel of the control unit
  • Eight more programmable NO-NC free contact relays (optional)
  • SCM (Spot Charging Management) and Advanced Battery Management
  • Rectifiers and inverters parallel operation for load-sharing and redundancy
  • Adjustable charge current, input voltage and frequency ranges by control unit

Total Solution UPS Package with more than 92% efficiency including double-conversion specifications, galvanized isolation at rectifier input, galvanized isolation at inverter output, 48 VDC bus with no booster, THDI less than 7% and input power factor of more than 0.98, separate modules for parallel redundant rectifier SR series and inverter SI series, that can easily be augmented or changed for more power and performance. These special features extend the useful life of the units and enable the customer to design and assemble MC series by-pass control unit, RU series racks and single- and three-phase UPS, based on the customer’s requirements.


  • Automation equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Process machinery
  • Industrial controls
  • Broadcasting
  • Data centers
  • Banking